Sell Your Brooklyn NY Home Faster and for More Money. Do Not Overprice it

Sell your Home in Brooklyn NY Faster and for More Money by Pricing it Right from the Beginning. When your property is overpriced it tends to seat on market for much longer time. Actually what is happening called WWWTP - What is Wrong With This Property Syndrome. Potential buyers most likely will not even come to see an overpriced property or will come with a very low offer. You overpriced it to have a room for negotiation, they underprice it for exactly the same reason. Instead of large amount of potential buyers who would fight with each other for your property (Bidding war) you will get a few who will lowball you with their ridiculous offers. Price your property correct from the beginning. When interviewing a real estate agent, demand Detailed Comparative Market Analysis for your Property. Ask an agent to show you the facts he/she used to price your house. Remember a lot of agents will promise you unrealistically High Price just to get your listing. Do not fall in this trap. Understand the difference between "Listing" and "Selling" Price. Overpriced Listings Sell for much less money and it takes much longer to get it sold. Contact me for FREE Consultation or Call/Text Me 3474101363 Max. Consultation is FREE no Strings attached. You probably wonder why I would do all that ? The answer is very simple: 9 out of 10 Homeowners will hire a Realtor to help them in Selling of their property, I will do everything on such a high level, that when time comes for You to hire a realtor, You will give me an opportunity to apply for the Job of Getting your Property SOLD

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